RFR: 8256415: Shenandoah: Should evacuate/update codecache concurrently when class unloading is off [v2]

Zhengyu Gu zgu at openjdk.java.net
Tue Nov 17 22:37:18 UTC 2020

> During isolating GC work (JDK-8255765), I found that Shenandoah still evacuate/update codecache roots at final mark safepoint when class unloading is off.
> Actually, it can be done concurrently by utilizing nmethod_entry_barrier.
> Shenandoah should always enable nmethod_entry_barrier for evacuation, regardless class unloading status, and perform code cache evacuation/updating during strong root processing.
> Key points:
> 1) Always enable nmethod entry barrier
> 2) Always attach ShenandoahNMethod to nmethod, regardless weather class unloading is enabled
> 3) Only evacuate/update thread and serial weak roots at final mark pause.
> 4) Code roots are evacuated/updated concurrently during weak roots (when class unloading is on) or strong roots (when class unloading is off)
> - [x] hotspot_gc_shenandoah
> - [x] tier1 with ShenandoahGC and +/-ClassUnloading

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