Integrated: 8268331: Fix crash in humongous object eager reclaim logging

Thomas Schatzl tschatzl at
Mon Jun 7 14:13:34 UTC 2021

On Mon, 7 Jun 2021 14:08:11 GMT, Stefan Johansson <sjohanss at> wrote:

>> Hi all,
>>   can I have reviews for this change that fixes the crashes after JDK-8267924 has been integrated?
>> The problem has been move of one logging statement, which caused an NPE for that test.
>> Since the backout that I originally planned to put out has not been pushed yet (, I would like to push this asap instead.
>> Otherwise I'll just do a regular redo-push.
>> Testing: local runs of failing test
>> Thanks,
>>   Thomas
> Since this fixes a tier1 failure and is trivial I think you can integrate this straight away.

Thanks @kstefanj for your help.



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