Development of precompiled shared libraries

Karen Kinnear Karen.Kinnear at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 14 08:22:21 PDT 2008


Thank you for letting us know what project you are investigating.

Could you possibly give us some context? Are you doing this for a 
project as part of a degree program?

 From your proposal I hear multiple significant goals and I suspect this 
may require multiple projects to achieve. You are right, there are many 
  issues and this is very complex.

May I suggest that you might want to start with a smaller project to 
gain additional familiarity with things like the representation of Java 
objects so that you will have more context within which to propose 
design trade-offs?

Let us know if you would be interested in fixing some bugs in related 
areas in order to give yourself more background and context.

After getting up to speed on some related areas of vm technology, you 
might find it interesting to participate in some slightly larger 
projects that might help with partial steps towards some of these goals.

Karen Kinnear

Ramón García wrote:
> Hello,
> I am developing support of precompiling libraries so that they can be
> loaded faster by the JVM. There are many issues, and this looks like
> very complex.
> The purpose of this project is to enable to have Java code in such
> representation so that it can be loaded as quickly as posible. Another
> purpose is to save memory,
> using a representation in files that is memory mapped, so that
> different virtual machines share the memory used. This is similar to
> the shared archive produced since Java 5, but general for any user
> Java class instead of restricted to the bootclasses.
> In addition to saving memory, this will encourage to use more than one
> virtual machine for some tasks, making designs more robust by taking
> advantadge of the operating system ability of process separation.
> In the first stage, shared libraries will be compiled just in time
> like now. In the future, shared libraries will contain precompiled
> code.
> I need your help. This task requries to touch the representation of
> Java objects and I must share with you design decisions.
> Ramon

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