Review Request: 6896043: Zero fixes

Andrew Haley aph at
Mon Nov 23 02:34:49 PST 2009

Gary Benson wrote:

> Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
>>>   hotspot/src/cpu/zero/vm/entry_zero.hpp:
>> To be clear. You did it to inline methods in debug VM version,
>> right?  They will be optimized for optimized builds anyway.
> No, I did it to inline them for the optimized build.  I'd assumed
> that methods defined in header files like that would be inlined,
> but they don't seem to be.

If you really want these functions to be inline, you have to specify
it.  Having said that, if you define a member function within a class
definition, then it is inline.

FWIW, I don't think that it's even legal C++ to define a non-inline
member function more than once in a program, so this change is required
for correctness.


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