Request for review: 6979444

Tom Rodriguez tom.rodriguez at
Mon Aug 30 09:55:53 PDT 2010

I recently moved the PrintFlagsFinal code because there are flags which are adjusted after we complete the flag parsing in arguments.cpp:

You might want to move your new printing code there, assuming you want to see the final values.


On Aug 30, 2010, at 9:27 AM, David Holmes wrote:

> Ivan Krylov said the following on 08/30/10 23:26:
>>  Bug Link:
>> Webrev:
> The actual link in your html went to the wrong webrev :)
> but the real webrev seems ok to me.
> Thanks,
> David
>> The following change effects only nonproduct builds. A new boolean flag is introduced: -XX:+PrintFlagsWithComments
>> It works pretty much like -XX:+PrintFlagsInitial (or -Xprintflags) but adds a doc string to each flag that is present in every flag definition in the corresponding *global*.hpp file.
>> Minor corrections were made to Flag::print_on method to do proper formatting of all 3 flags (more space for flag name and type, printing of double default values).
>> Thanks,
>> Ivan

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