Trace object allocation flag proposal

Y. S. Ramakrishna y.s.ramakrishna at
Wed Dec 15 11:45:38 PST 2010

On 12/15/10 11:38, Xiaobin Lu wrote:
> Object allocation seems to be a general problem here at least. For many 
> application developers, they think object allocation is cheap. Recently, 
> we uncovered several problems here such as over-allocating StringBuilder 
> object and use StringBuilder(s) with default constructor which leads to 
> constantly array copy and etc.

I absolutely agree.

> Linux system tap is in development stage and not available in early 
> release which is most companies probably use. Surprisingly enough, 
> people are reluctant to move to new platforms, even scare to upgrade 
> their JDK to later version of JDK 6 update release or 64 bit jdk.

I feel your pain :-) (or as John Rose would say "misery loves company").

> I had this hack in my local VM here and I really think we should make it 
> into openjdk so that more people can access that functionality.

Perhaps you can share a webrev so the discussion can become a bit
more concrete as to specific pros-and-cons? I'd suggest upping the
mailing list to hotspot-dev at, because I am sure
compiler and GC community folk will also want to look at your webrev/proposal.

-- ramki

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