Request for review (and comments) 6302804: Hotspot VM dies ungraceful death when C heap is exhausted in various places.

coleen phillimore coleen.phillimore at
Mon Dec 20 14:11:26 PST 2010

Summary: enhance the error reporting mechanism to direct user to fix the 
problem rather than making it look like a VM error.

I changed the error reporting so that out of swap and out of native (C 
heap) memory doesn't look like a VM assert or look like a 
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception that someone could catch.  The 
suggested new wording is in the bug link Evaluation section.  I'm open 
to rewording if people have strong preferences.
Also, if solaris runs out of swap space (generally by filling up /tmp), 
access to thread stacks generate a bus error with ENOMEM errno.  I can 
check for this in the solaris signal handler and give the out of C heap 
message.  I couldn't get Linux or windows to fail the same way, so 
didn't apply similar changes there.

open webrev at
bug link at


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