URGENT code review request for Win* UnhandledExceptionFilter fix (6918421)

Daniel D. Daugherty Daniel.Daugherty at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 1 16:31:14 PST 2010


I have an urgent code review request for a Win* fix. Basically,
I'm making a minor tweak to Ivan's original fix for the following

    6550813 5/3 Crash because of FPU control word being modified
                by native code (win32)

Here's the URL for my tweak:


The fix passes the customer test attached to 6918421 and
it passes the test associated with Ivan's fix for 6550813.

I'm targeting this fix for HSX-17-B09; since this is a P1 it
will be backported to JDK6-UNN...

Thanks, in advance, for any reviews.


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