SDK Test Fixes Batch for 2010.07 (6941287, 6962804, 6964018)

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Tue Jul 20 11:35:17 PDT 2010


I have fixes for three different test bugs ready to go for OpenJDK7.
I've run these tests manually on Linux, Solaris SPARC, Solaris X86
and WinXP/Cygwin. I've run these tests through JPRT several times to
make sure they are stable (which also covers WinXP/MKS). I've been
running select tests from this set in loops for 12-24 hours on Linux,
Solaris X86 and WinXP/Cygwin to make sure they don't hiccup.

This first fix I've had for a while and it has been used in my personal
baseline testing for the last several JDK7 promotions:

Yes, it could be refactored to use some of the newer logic that I added
in the fix for 6964018, but that's a task that should be applied to all
the test/sun/tools/* tests.

This second fix was intended to add diagnostic information for tracking
down some of the strange intermittent failures on Windows:

However, the fix seems to have solved the intermittent failures on
Windows problem. I haven't seen these failures reproduce in my personal
baseline testing on the last several JDK7 promotions and a stress loop
using JDK7-B98 bits hasn't reproduced the failures either. I suspect
that my refactoring of the logic that handles a missing NL at the end
of a file has fixed this problem. The scaffold no longer creates a
temporary file every time a test runs; it is only created when needed
to solve the missing NL problem.

The third fix gets my recent Logger WeakReference leak tests back into
the available test mix:

This fix refactors and enhances some of the test infrastructure in
test/sun/tools/common/* and changes the new Logger WeakReference leak
tests to use that infrastructure. Other tests in test/sun/tools/*
also need minor tweaks to fit into the new infrastructure.

Thanks, in advance, for any reviews.


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