need a code review for a quick test fix (6971847)

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Fri Jul 23 17:48:02 PDT 2010


Porting my most recent batch of test fixes to OpenJDK6 revealed
two new bugs:

    6971847 4/4 jmap '-histo:live' option is necessary for proper leak 
    6971851 4/4 jmap prints an incorrect usage message when SA is not 

6971847 was partially introduced in the original bug that introduced
these tests (6942989) and the remainder was introduced by the fix
for 6964018 which fixed the tests on Linux. Yes, fixing the tests on
Linux broke them for OpenJDK6 on Windows. 6971851 was introduced when
then 'jmap -histo:live' option was added back in JDK6.

I have a fix in hand for 6971847 and it gets the new AnonLoggerWeakRefLeak
and LoggerWeakRefLeak tests working properly on OpenJDK6 on Windows. This
should be (knock on wood) the last fix to these tests as the tests have
now been checked out via JPRT on all the configs of interest.

Here is the webrev URL:

Thanks, in advance, for any reviews.


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