how to bring jvm to safepoint

Tony Guan guanxiaohua at
Thu Jul 29 14:29:11 PDT 2010

Dear all,

I want to invoke the GC at a certain time, for example, when a certain
method is called at runtime, so I created a new subtype of
VM_GC_Operation class, and initialized it with an object op, finally,
executed using:VMThread::execute(&op)

then I got the following error message:

#  Internal Error
pid=29652, tid=1096460624
#  Error: Possible safepoint reached by thread that does not allow it

The reason for the fail is that
Thread::check_for_valid_safepoint_state() didn't pass because the
currentThread is not a VMThread.

My question is: how do I bring the current thread to a safepoint? or
how do I call a GC operation properly? is there any prerequisite for
doing so?


Tony (Xiaohua Guan)

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