Passing tokens between threads

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Wed May 5 18:28:43 PDT 2010


Tony Guan said the following on 05/05/10 02:03:
> In my current project, I need to be able to pass tokens between
> certain threads inside VM. While it's easy when Thread A is directly
> calling the Thread B's start().
> But usually, the thread B is not directly created and started by
> thread A, for example, thread pooling. In this case, if I need to pass
> a token from thread A to thread B(which is triggered by A), I guess I
> will need to monitor the object that B is waiting on.
> While I am still pondering over this, is there any other advice?

I don't quite understand what you are asking. In shared-memory 
multi-threading the primary communication path between threads is 
shared-memory. So passing a "token" is a matter of writing some data 
into a memory location known to both threads. Then it is just a matter 
of how much encapsulation/abstraction you want to put around that memory 

David Holmes

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