Review request 6983240: guarantee((Solaris::min_stack_allowed >= (StackYellowPages+StackRedPages...) wrong

Coleen Phillimore coleen.phillimore at
Mon Oct 4 15:45:08 PDT 2010

Summary: min_stack_allowed is a compile time constant and Stack*Pages 
are settable

Also stress tested various combinations of -Xss and 
-XX:StackShadowPages=n.  This also fixes a bug
6346701: stack overflow in native method results in segfault, not a 
or rather it fixes the observed SEGVs with different settings of -Xss 
and -XX:StackShadowPages in the evaluation.  We were getting stack 
overflow before the stack overflow exception was initialized, causing 
infinite recusion trying to initialize it.

Also fixed a random g++ compilation error.

open webrev at
bug link at


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