6992192: Need option to configure if direct memory is page aligned (XS)

David Holmes David.Holmes at oracle.com
Fri Oct 15 05:00:15 PDT 2010

Alan Bateman said the following on 10/15/10 21:50:
> David Holmes wrote:
>> :
>> Sorry but I don't understand why either of them are VM options when it 
>> would appear you could just do:
>> java -Dsun.nio.MaxDirectMemorySize=16M 
>> -Dsun.nio.PageAlignDirectMemory=true
> -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize is a long standing VM option, used in my 
> environments so I don't think we can change it.

You don't need to change it. All it does is set the property, so the 
user can do that too. You could deprecate the use of -XX option but it 
will still be there.


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