Binary-only data contained in regression test hotspot/test/runtime/7020373

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Mon Jul 11 02:54:40 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I realized, that one part of the regression test
hotspot/test/runtime/7020373 contains binary-only data which IMHO
prevent us to backport this test to OpenJDK6 (in fact, only one file of
this test was backported at this moment, so this test always fails due
to a missed file).

The mentioned part of 7020373 test is a Java archive "testcase.jar"
which contains just one file "OOMCrashClass4000_1.class" without
corresponding source code.

I presume that the file "OOMCrashClass4000_1.class" were not obtained by
compiling regular Java source file, but using BCEL or similar tool
instead. The problem is that the script/source code used for creating
.class is not included in the test.

Is it possible to include such script/source code to the OpenJDK7
repository so the test could be fully backported to OpenJDK6, please?

Thank you in advance,
Pavel Tisnovsky

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