Using NewWeakGlobalRef in JNI code results in undefined symbol error

Keith McGuigan keith.mcguigan at
Fri Mar 4 13:39:43 PST 2011

Where are you finding the prototype for NewWeakGlobalRef as a global?   
I don't see that in jni.h.  Are you sure you're accessing it through  
the JNI function table (JNIEnv*)?

- Keith

On Mar 4, 2011, at 4:13 PM, Clemens Eisserer wrote:

> Hi,
> When using NewWeakGlobalRef or NewGlobalRef in my JNI code, I get the
> following error while loading the native library:
>> /home/ce/renderfix/build/linux-i586/bin/java: symbol lookup error: / 
>> home/ce/renderfix/build/linux-i586/lib/i386/  
>> undefined symbol: NewWeakGlobalRef
> Do I have to link manually against some libraries to get access to
> those functions?
> Thank you in advance, Clemens

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