Request for Review (XS): 7087445, Improve platform independence of JSR292 shared code

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Tue Sep 6 16:20:36 PDT 2011

Looks good to me.

Pity there isn't a direct way to define the default implementation and then 
have it "overridden" as needed per platform, rather than repeating the same 


On 7/09/2011 2:04 AM, Bertrand Delsart wrote:
> Small shared changes necessary to improve portability of jsr292
> on some platforms.
> Should have no impact on the existing ports, as long as
> you add this backward compatible definition (added to SPARC,
> x86 and zero):
> intptr_t *frame::initial_deoptimization_info() {
> return fp();
> }
> Thanks,
> Bertrand.

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