Request for review (S): 7091417 recvfrom's 6th input should be of type socklen_t

Dmitry Samersoff Dmitry.Samersoff at ORACLE.COM
Fri Sep 23 14:37:32 PDT 2011

On 2011-09-24 01:29, John Coomes wrote:
> Azeem Jiva (azeem.jiva at wrote:
>> 7091417:  recfrom's 6th input should be socklen_t
>> The current recvfrom implementation won't compile on Solaris 11 since the 6th
>> input should be of type socklen_t.  Diffs are attached
>> ...
> Did you build on windows?  Don't think socklen_t exists there.  Also
> the os.hpp decl of recvfrom() doesn't match the definition in
> os_windows.cpp anymore.

socklen_t exists on windows as well.
according to MSDN recfrom is still has int as fromlen.

Thank you for a good catch.


Dmitry Samersoff
Java Hotspot development team, SPB04
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