Review request 7157734 testcase corrections (use TESTVMOPTS).

Kevin Walls kevin.walls at
Mon Apr 16 02:50:14 PDT 2012

Hi -

Minor update on this, and am seeking review to push it.

I had confirmation from a few people that use of a file in the home 
directory to trigger 64-bit tests is not in use.  Would be great to get 
rid of these slightly embarrasing tests that just don't test what they 
claim, and worse still they are used as a model for future tests!


On 30/03/12 15:30, Kevin Walls wrote:
> Hi,
> Various hotpsot .sh testcase scripts do not use the env var 
> TESTVMOPTS, which is passed by jtreg.  They therefore don't set -d64 
> when we want to test a 64-bit JVM and on Solaris at least this means 
> we don't test what we think we're testing.  We actually run a 32-bit 
> JVM, and likely not even the one we just built to test.
> What some testcases do do, is to read $HOME/JDK64BIT if it exists, and 
> use the file contents as command-line arguments, or even just as a 
> flag to know that we should set -d64 when we run java.  It seems best 
> to get rid of this practice.  I have asked around and found nobody who 
> can say that technique is still in use.
> Thanks
> Kevin

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