Review request 7157734 testcase corrections (use TESTVMOPTS).

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Apr 16 20:04:57 PDT 2012

Hi Kevin,

Not a full review - sorry.

I'm concerned that changes like this:

! ${TESTJAVA}${FS}bin${FS}java ${BIT_FLAG} -server IsInstanceTest > 
test.out 2>&1

! ${TESTJAVA}${FS}bin${FS}java ${TESTVMOPTS} -server IsInstanceTest > 
test.out 2>&1

may have unintended consequences as TESTVMOPTS might contain a lot more 
than just -d32 or -d64. That seems to apply to all the changes.


On 16/04/2012 7:50 PM, Kevin Walls wrote:
> Hi -
> Minor update on this, and am seeking review to push it.
> I had confirmation from a few people that use of a file in the home
> directory to trigger 64-bit tests is not in use. Would be great to get
> rid of these slightly embarrasing tests that just don't test what they
> claim, and worse still they are used as a model for future tests!
> Thanks
> Kevin
> On 30/03/12 15:30, Kevin Walls wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Various hotpsot .sh testcase scripts do not use the env var
>> TESTVMOPTS, which is passed by jtreg. They therefore don't set -d64
>> when we want to test a 64-bit JVM and on Solaris at least this means
>> we don't test what we think we're testing. We actually run a 32-bit
>> JVM, and likely not even the one we just built to test.
>> What some testcases do do, is to read $HOME/JDK64BIT if it exists, and
>> use the file contents as command-line arguments, or even just as a
>> flag to know that we should set -d64 when we run java. It seems best
>> to get rid of this practice. I have asked around and found nobody who
>> can say that technique is still in use.
>> Thanks
>> Kevin

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