Bug 7162645: JVMTI Field Modification Callback Sideeffect

Stephen Nelson stephen at sfnelson.org
Mon Apr 23 17:00:45 PDT 2012

My apologies if this is not the appropriate place for this.


I submitted a bug to bugs.sun.com a few days ago, and I have since
found the problematic code which produces this bug. However, I am
unable to post a fix to the bug database (I get an error about
upgrades and I'm told to come back in a few days).

I have identified [templateTable_x86_64.cpp:2707] in the function
[void TemplateTable::jvmti_post_fast_field_mod()] as the cause of the

    // Save rax because call_VM() will clobber it, then use it for
    // JVMTI purposes
    __ push(rax);

This code is erroneous because it only saves the value of $rax; field
values are also stored in $xmm0, which can be also be clobbered. This
is apparent from the switch statement immediately above this line
which reads $xmm0 to get the value of floats and doubles.

I'm not very familiar with hotspot, so I'm not comfortable submitting
a patch myself. However, I believe that there are two possible

(a) add switch statements before and after the VM call to push/pop the
appropriate register based on the value of bytecode() -- similar to
the one at line 2602.

(b) modify the signature of [jvmti_post_fast_field_mod] to add a
TosState parameter. This would allow the push/pop(TosState) methods to
be used, which do the right thing for each type of parameter.

I think (b) is superior as the purpose of the push/pop becomes clearer
without referencing particular registers. This might help avoid
similar bugs on other platforms. However, this would require changing
the equivalent methods for all platforms. I'm not sure if this is

As far as I can tell, this method is only called from
[fast_storefield], which already has a TosState parameter.

Please let me know if there is a more appropriate mailing list.

Best Regards,

Stephen Nelson

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