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Wed Aug 1 19:46:37 PDT 2012


Impressive changes!
They look good in general.
A few minor comments below.

|| *src/share/vm/classfile/stackMapFrame.cpp

*It seems a tab instead of space after the second comma on the line 221:

  216         _offset, (StackMapFrame*)this, (StackMapFrame*)target);
  221         _offset, (StackMapFrame*)this,   (StackMapFrame*)target);

A question:
   Would it make sense to simplify (just a little bit) from:
     244   if (!match_flags &&
    245       (!is_exception_handler || !has_flag_match_exception(target))) {

   to this:
     244   if (!(match_flags || (is_exception_handler && has_flag_match_exception(target)))) {


A typo:
97 SM_STACK, // Comes from stackmap exporession stack

   Every comment right below the line 144 starts with a capital letter:
144 INVALID_BYTECODE, // there was a problem with the bytecode

And probably, you remember about copyright comments. :)


On 8/1/12 10:36 AM, Keith McGuigan wrote:
> Anyone?
> On 7/26/2012 6:02 PM, Keith McGuigan wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Would appreciate any review of the following code:
>> This code adds additional information to VerifyError messages to make it
>> easier to diagnose bytecode problems in the field.  It may be a full (or
>> partial) solution for JEP 136 (
>> The basic idea is to create an ErrorContext object when a verification
>> error occurs and populate it with context information so that things
>> like the current frame, stackmaps, and bytecodes can be included in the
>> VerifyError's message.  In addition a diagnostic flag,
>> -XX:+VerifyVerbose is added which prints out the details of the
>> verification as it occurs.
>> The included test case has a 'testcases.jar' file that contains
>> hand-modified classfiles that trigger VerifyErrors in each possible
>> location in the verifier.  Some cases appeared unreachable so those
>> cases are missing.  I'm attaching the output of the test so you may see
>> the resulting error message format.
>> -- 
>> - Keith

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