code review for JLI/JPLIS test (7191322)

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Wed Aug 15 09:58:13 PDT 2012


I wrote a test for the following bug:

     7064927 4/4 retransformClasses() does not pass in
                 LocalVariableTable of a method

a long time ago. 7064927 was fixed in the hotspot repo back in
HSX-23-B09 by Thomas W. and Coleen, but the test was never pushed
to the JDK repo. The java.lang.instrument (JLI) tests live in the
JDK repo.

I'm using the following bug:

     7191322 4/4 add test for 7064927 to java.lang.instrument

to get the test into the JDK8 T&L repo. Here is the webrev URL:

Thanks, in advance, for any comments.


The new test has been executed and passes on all platforms
supported by JPRT except for MacOS X. There is a temporary
build issue on MacOS X at the moment.

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