code review for JLI/JPLIS test (7191322)

serguei.spitsyn at serguei.spitsyn at
Wed Aug 15 12:16:29 PDT 2012


Thank you for doing this!

Does the fix for 7064927 passes in LVTT tables as well?
If so, then LVTT need to be tested too (is it right that just LVT is 
If not, then do we have a corresponding CR filed?

The test looks good in general.
Just one minor question:

Q1: The line 103 
contains a long
    web link referencing the jvaweb.sfbay but the link is not resolved 
in the browser.
    Do we have to correct the link or, maybe, get rid of it?


On 8/15/12 9:58 AM, Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
> Greetings,
> I wrote a test for the following bug:
>     7064927 4/4 retransformClasses() does not pass in
>                 LocalVariableTable of a method
> a long time ago. 7064927 was fixed in the hotspot repo back in
> HSX-23-B09 by Thomas W. and Coleen, but the test was never pushed
> to the JDK repo. The java.lang.instrument (JLI) tests live in the
> JDK repo.
> I'm using the following bug:
>     7191322 4/4 add test for 7064927 to java.lang.instrument
> to get the test into the JDK8 T&L repo. Here is the webrev URL:
> Thanks, in advance, for any comments.
> Dan
> P.S.
> The new test has been executed and passes on all platforms
> supported by JPRT except for MacOS X. There is a temporary
> build issue on MacOS X at the moment.

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