Request for review 8005494: SIGSEGV in Rewriter::relocate_and_link() when testing Weblogic with Compre,ssedOops and KlassPtrs

Coleen Phillimore coleen.phillimore at
Thu Dec 27 08:23:01 PST 2012

Summary: Relocate functions with jsr's when rewriting so not repeated 
after reading shared archive.

open webrev at
bug link at

Ran runThese jck and parallel class loading tests (called from redefine 

A note about the change to handles.inline.hpp.   From trying to debug 
bug , I decided from code 
inspection that the _thread should be set to NULL (wasn't the cause of 
the bug).

Also, this change removes dead code that is no longer used for JSR 292.


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