Patch for: 7132779: build-infra merge: Enable ccache to work for most developer builds.

Fredrik Öhrström fredrik.ohrstrom at
Wed Feb 1 04:38:59 PST 2012

2012-01-31 22:38, David Holmes skrev:
> I don't understand the comment on the new method though. 

Since jre_release_version() has a similar use case as vm_release(), ie
it is called from crash handlers and error reporting handlers,
I copied the comment for vm_release() to jre_release_version(). But
perhaps it is a bit too much information
since it is not that likely that the code will be refactored to have
stringStreams instead of char *.

> I'm assuming that the actual problem is the ccache compares the
> defines used for a compilation and so if the version string contains a
> timestamp and gets updated on each (incremental?) build then ccache
> thinks it has to recompile.

Yes, that is correct. As can be seen in most build server logs, the
ccache is rarely used. It is only used when a build number is explicitly
set, since the build number prevents a date and time to be inserted in


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