Review for 7141242: build-infra merge: Rename CPP->CXX and LINK->LD

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Feb 1 18:33:08 PST 2012

Hi Erik,

On 1/02/2012 7:13 PM, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> 240 lines changed: 0 ins; 19 del; 221 mod; 6363 unchg
> 7141242: build-infra merge: Rename CPP->CXX and LINK->LD

Lots of CCC to CXX too :)

One compatibility concern: anyone currently setting CPP_FLAGS or 
LINK_FLAGS etc, externally, will need to change to the new names. 
Probably worth sending a wider email (jdk8-dev?) when this gets pushed.



- CPP = $(CXX)
+ CXX = $(CXX)

infinite recursion or a tautology? :)



Not your doing but this has highlighted some strange rules eg:

+ $(QUIETLY) $(CC) -g -o $@ -c $< -MMD $(LAUNCHERFLAGS) $(CXXFLAGS)

C++ flags passed to C compiler?



-# $(CC) is the c compiler (cc/gcc), $(CCC) is the c++ compiler (CC/g++).
+# $(CC) is the c compiler (cc/gcc), $(CXX) is the c++ compiler (CC/g++).

The original code is confusing, given that CC is the C compiler it makes 
no sense that a C++ compile be called CC_COMPILE. Is it worth changing 
these to CC_COMPILE and CXX_COMPILE? Maybe a secondary cleanup?

And again C++ flags passed to C compiler :(


You missed a couple of scripts on Windows that use LINK_VER:



> The build-infra project is starting to move into jdk8. For the hotspot
> build to stay compatible with the changes, the naming of standard make
> variables, like CC and LD need to be standardized across the build.
> Currently hotspot names the C++ compiler CPP, which is traditionally the
> name of the preprocessor. The windows nmake files name the linker LINK.
> We would like to rename the C++ compiler to CXX and have the linker
> named LD everywhere.
> Patch is tested with hsx/hotspot-rt. Testing with jdk7u is in progress.
> /Erik

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