Webrev for 6972759

Bill Pittore bill.pittore at oracle.com
Tue Jan 10 14:40:30 PST 2012

Webrev for fix for 6972759 is at 

This bug has to do with single stepping after hitting an exception 
breakpoint. The short story is that JVMTI maintains some thread state 
information that was not updated correctly if a frame was popped off the 
stack. When you pop a frame the exception state should go back to 
_exception_detected=false. Otherwise when MethodExit event is sent at 
some time in the future the 'was_popped_by_exception' flag will be set 
and the agent receiving the event may not re-enable single stepping 
properly. This problem will also affect ForceEarlyReturn code. Hacked up 
a couple of existing nsk/jvmti tests to issue the necessary sequence of 
JVMTI calls/events in order to test original bug and this fix.


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