about the fast path and slow path

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> What is the fast path and slow path?


"fast path" - a code path optimized for speed because it is the common case

"slow path" - what we have to do when the "fast path" is not applicable

For example:

 - fast path: if enough space bump a pointer
 - slow path: allocate a new thread-local allocation buffer then bump

monitor acquisition:
 - fast path: object is unlocked and unbiased so simply CAS in current
thread ID into object header
 - slow path: object is unlocked but biased, so revoke bias and use
BasicLock to lock

 - fast path: class already loaded, just check in system dictionary and
 - slow path: class is not loaded, so load it

And there are many other examples. And it isn't necessarily just a
choice of two things: the slow path typically has many branches and
different lengths depending on the exact circumstances.


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