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> On 19/07/2012 14:20, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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> > Hmmm... this is interesting as we've been shipping OpenJDK with
> > system zlib the whole time.
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> > Are some of the issues resolved in newer versions?  My system copy
> > is 1.2.7.
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> > Not only is it generally against GNU/Linux distribution policy to
> > bundle libraries without good reason, but it also means
> > we then have to rebuild OpenJDK for any security issues in those
> > dependencies.
> >
> I think using the system zlib (or libz as it seems to shipped as on
> Solaris and MacOSX) would have been okay with jdk6, it's just that
> the
> zip64 support in jdk7 changed total_in/out to "long long".
> The copy that we have in the jdk repository at this time is 1.2.5.
> I'm
> not aware of any updates that avoid this patch but I think the right
> thing is to change the code so that it works with an
> unmodified zlib. I think Sherman has ideas on this, just hasn't got
> to
> it yet. If you have cycles to look at it that would be great (and I
> understand that distributions would frown on attempts to bundle a
> private copy with OpenJDK).

I've started looking at this and it seems 7 still has 1.2.3,
1.2.5 is only in 8. I also can't see any obvious changes which
change zlib.

Are you sure this change was introduced in 7 and not 8?  Do you happen
to know the bug ID for it?

> -Alan.

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