7172708: 32/64 bit type issues on Windows

Chris Dennis cdennis at terracottatech.com
Tue Jun 5 06:46:30 PDT 2012


This patch fixes a small regression created when the mac-osx port was merged in.  This change adds the correct 64-bit format specifier definitions required when compiling under Windows to account for Visual Studio's lack of C99 support.  Since this bug was found through code inspection after seeing a failure in MaxDirectMemorySize parsing and given that I have no access to a suitable Windows build environment I haven't been able to verify the fix.  I thought I would put this patch out there as is anyway.  In parallel I'll attempt to acquire access to a suitably configured machine, but if someone with access to a suitable environment is prepared to independently test (or vouch for) my fix then I would be very grateful.


Chris Dennis

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