URGENT code review request for Solaris FDS fix (7175255)

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Tue Jun 19 19:06:04 PDT 2012

Hi Dan,

It would be nice if the cd into the 64 directory could be handled 
internally to the link logic rather than occurring at the top-level (I 
say this as someone who will need to hand merge this into another 
workspace ;-) ).

Also in make/solaris/makefiles/add_gnu_debuglink.make I don't understand 
the logic change:

GENERATED                 = ../generated


TOPDIR                    = $(shell echo `pwd`)
GENERATED                 = $(TOPDIR)/../generated

but at what time is "pwd" evaluated? If we have: /out/lib/64 and 
originally we started in lib then GENERATED==lib/../generated ie 
out/generated. If we have now done a cd into 64 then: pwd = /out/lib/64 
and so GENERATED==/out/lib/64/../generated ie /out/lib/generated. I may 
well be missing something but this doesn't seem right.


On 20/06/2012 11:21 AM, Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
> Greetings,
> This is an URGENT code review request for a Solaris specific Full Debug
> Symbols (FDS) fix. Due to a Makefile logic error, the full debug symbol
> files and related '_g' symlinks are created in the wrong sub-directory
> for a couple of the dtrace libraries. The incorrect paths have a double
> "64/" sub-directory, e.g.:
> solaris-<arch>/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/64/libjvm_db.debuginfo
> These are the correct symlink paths:
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/libjvm_g_db.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/libjvm_g_dtrace.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/server/64/libjvm_g_db.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/server/64/libjvm_g_dtrace.debuginfo
> and these are the correct debug info file paths:
> solaris-<arch>/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/libjvm_db.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/libjvm_dtrace.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/jre/lib/<arch>/server/64/libjvm_db.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/jre/lib/<arch>/server/64/libjvm_dtrace.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/libjvm_db.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/client/64/libjvm_dtrace.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/server/64/libjvm_db.debuginfo
> solaris-<arch>/fastdebug/jre/lib/<arch>/server/64/libjvm_dtrace.debuginfo
> where "<arch>" is "i586" or "sparc". The 64-bit Solaris platforms ("amd64"
> and "sparcv9") don't have this issue because they don't have the "64/"
> sub-directories.
> This fix is targeted at HSX-24/JDK8 and HSX-23.2/JDK7u6 and will resolve
> an issue that is preventing Oracle's Release Engineering scripts from
> running properly.
> Here is the webrev URL for the HSX-24/JDK8 version:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dcubed/fds_revamp/7175255-webrev/0/
> The HSX23.3/JDK7u6 version is the same except for the changes to
> make/solaris/makefiles/defs.make which are not needed in HSX23.2.
> Thanks, in advance, for any reviews!
> Dan

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