RFR (S): 7129724: Fix location of core file in dump message on macosx

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Tue Jun 26 17:47:20 PDT 2012

Hi Mikael,

On 27/06/2012 10:31 AM, Mikael Vidstedt wrote:
> David,
> Do you mean something like:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mikael/7129724/webrev.01

Something like, but to simplify things I was thinking of just returning 
the actual path component and have the check_or_create_dump handle the 
"core or core.%d" part. No need to duplicate the pid parsing logic then 
and the main part for linux/solaris is simply:

  int os::get_core_paths(char* buffer, size_t bufferSize) {
    get_current_directory(buffer, bufferSize);
    return strlen(buffer);

(this is unchecked - I'm assuming things are properly nul-terminated 
etc. Pity about the need for strlen, but then you could choose not to 
return the length and instead do the strlen directly ie:

!     os::get_core_paths(buffer, bufferSize);
       n = strlen(buffer);
!     jio_snprintf(buffer + n, bufferSize - n, "...");

either way works I guess)

My suggestion does mean that the message is not as specific as it might 
be if the name is always core.pid rather than core. But that seems a 
very minor concern.

BTW in current webrev this part needs fixing up:

     if (getrlimit(RLIMIT_CORE, &rlim) != 0) {
!     n = os::get_core_paths(buffer, bufferSize);
!     jio_snprintf(buffer + n, bufferSize - n, "%s/core or core.%d (may 
not exist)");
       success = true;

You are no longer parsing anything for the %s and %d - I think you 
really only want the "may not exist" part.


> Cheers,
> Mikael
> On 2012-06-25 23:31, David Holmes wrote:
>> Hi Mikael,
>> On 26/06/2012 8:22 AM, Mikael Vidstedt wrote:
>>> If HotSpot crashes the dump message prints the default location of the
>>> generated core file. On other "posix" like OSes the path is normally
>>> <cwd>/core or core.<pid>, but on macosx the cores always end up in
>>> /cores/core.<pid>. This change aims to reflect that. Verified manually
>>> on Linux and macosx. Passes JPRT.
>>> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mikael/7129724/webrev.00
>> I don't like this - sorry. The whole point of introducing
>> os_posix.cpp/hpp was to capture common "posix" functionality. The very
>> fact you need to add this change indicates this is not in fact "common
>> posix functionality". Seems to me that the default core location
>> should be a platform specific value:
>> os::get_corefile_path(char* buf, int buflen)
>> and then each os_*.cpp can define it as needed, with Solaris and Linux
>> simply delegating to the existing os::get_current_directory(buf, len).
>> That aside, it really bugs me that BSD/OSX things are conditionalized
>> on __APPLE__ ! Should be BSD or OSX or our internally defined values
>> like TARGET_OS_FAMILY_xxx
>> Cheers,
>> David
>> ----

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