Review request: 8008549: NPG: SystemDictionary::find(...) unnecessarily keeps class loaders alive

Coleen Phillimore coleen.phillimore at
Tue Feb 26 05:18:18 PST 2013

This is a really clean fix and thank you for finding one of the causes 
of the problem.


On 2/21/2013 11:57 AM, Stefan Karlsson wrote:
> This change fixes a bug, which showed up as a regression in our Jetty 
> footprint regression testing. The bug prevents the young GCs from 
> reclaiming some, which in turn holds on to 7 
> KB of native memory each.
> Description from the bug report:
> Before the PermGen removal a class loader could be garbage collected 
> by a young GC if it didn't load any classes and all references to it 
> were dropped.
> After the PermGen removal, there's an unnecessary call to 
> register_loader in the SystemDictionary::find(...) function:
> ClassLoaderData* loader_data = register_loader(class_loader, CHECK_NULL);
> which prevents these kind of class loader from being garbage collected 
> by the young GCs.
> Fortunately, we don't have to register a ClassLoaderData for the class 
> loader in the find(...) function. The rational is that if we haven't 
> already setup a ClassLoaderData for the class loader, then it won't 
> have an entry in the dictionary, and we can safely return NULL.
> This bug is one of the reasons for the memory footprint regressions 
> seen in:
> JDK-8001590 <>: NPG: 
> Footprint increase when running Jetty
> thanks,
> StefanK & Erik Helin

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