Request for review:7133260:Remove -Xaprof and the usage of Klass:_alloc_count and ArrayKlass::_alloc_size

Jiangli Zhou jiangli.zhou at
Tue Jun 4 19:15:41 PDT 2013


Please review following change for 7133260.

In JDK8, -Xaprof support is outdated and broken. A new feature, 
GC.class_stats command has been added to jcmd in JDK8. It provides 
detailed class metadata memory statistics information. -Xaprof uses 
Klass:_alloc_count and ArrayKlass::_alloc_size. Removing -Xaprof and 
related fields would save 4bytes per class and 8bytes per array class. 
Please see more information in the CCC request:

Tested with JPTR and vm.quick.testlist.


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