Access Checking for MethodHandles.Lookup broken?

Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at
Thu Nov 21 23:33:19 PST 2013


i found a strage behavior while using invokeDynamic and binding to field
instances with findGetter and findSetter.

See here for the code:

There is a class BarBase with a private field and two classes
- Bar (which extends BarBase)
- Foo (which extends Bar)

If i create a Lookup for the class Foo and lookup a field with the name
of the private field of BarBase like this:

fooLookup.findGetter(BarBase.class, "myPrivateField", int.class);
I get an IllegalAccessException as expected.

If i look it up with another searchRoot
fooLookup.findGetter(Base.class, "myPrivateField", int.class);
I also get an IllegalAccessException.

A NoSuchFieldException would also be nice, but because this mimics the
semantics of
super.publicFieldInSuperClass versus this.publicFieldInSuperClass
(yields to differend bytecodes) i can life with this minor glitch.

But if i try to lookup the field with something like this:
fooLookup.findGetter(Foo.class, "myPrivateField", int.class);
I do not get an IllegalAccessException ( and as expected also no
I even can access the field through this MethodHandle.

Should i file a bug for this? Or is this intentional?

I think it is a bug, and it look to me that it is in
MethodHandleNatives.resolve where the field lookup is made through the
hirachie but the access-check is done with the searchRoot (in this case
Foo.class) ?
I have not take a closer look to the native MethodHandleNative.resolve
but i will in the near future and work toward a fix of this.

-- Sebastian

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