RFR(S): JDK-8016644 - Improve UnsupportedClassVersionError message

Christian Tornqvist christian.tornqvist at oracle.com
Thu Feb 6 13:19:47 PST 2014

Hi Chris,


This is one of those tests that doesn't need any of the extra options, we're
simply verifying the error message. There are several cases where we
shouldn't pass the flags and I think this might be one of them.





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Not so much about this particular change but the way testing is done.  I
don't really like how we are spawning other Java processes:

  41         ProcessBuilder pb =
ProcessTools.createJavaProcessBuilder("-cp", ".",  "ClassFile");

As far as I can see there is no code that passes on the flags which are
defined with either -vmoption or JAVA_VM_ARGS.  If I tell the testing
framework to use a particular flag then I expect all Java processes to use


Can we please change that?


On Feb 5, 2014, at 7:19 PM, Christian Tornqvist
<christian.tornqvist at oracle.com <mailto:christian.tornqvist at oracle.com> >

Hi everyone,


This change is about making the UnsupportedClassVersionError message a bit
more user friendly.


Webrev can be found at:









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