[9] RFR (M) 8054888: Runtime: Add Diagnostic Command that prints the class hierarchy

Chris Plummer chris.plummer at oracle.com
Tue Feb 10 02:00:51 UTC 2015

[Once again the attachment went out but the main body was stripped. Not 
too sure what's going on, but here it is again. Sorry if you are getting 
this twice.]

I've attached updated output:

• I now use the Klass* of the ClassLoader instead of the CLD*, and this 
is documented in the help output.
• The Klass* of the ClassLoader now immediately follows the class name, 
and is also included when printing interface names.

The webrevs can be found at:


The first is the full webrev. The 2nd is what's changed since the last 
webrev that was reviewed. Changes since then include:

• Support for printing the hierarchy of just one class.
• -s option for optionally including subclasses when printing one class.
• -i option for optionally including interfaces implemented by a class.
• Output formatting changes.
• Fixed some comment typos as requested.
• I moved a couple of KlassInfoEntry methods out of the .hpp file and 
into the .cpp file as requested.
• No longer keep track of the stack of superclasses when processing all 
the classes as requested. This also means the super_index field I added 
is no longer needed.
• Moved some code within an already existing " #if INCLUDE_SERVICES" 
block as requested.



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