Open code review for 8061999 Enhance VM option parsing to allow options to be specified

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Mon Jul 20 14:49:15 UTC 2015


Ron's out of the office today (Monday) so I'll chime in.

We asked Ron to finish addressing the round 0 code review comments
before rebasing his project to the current RT_Baseline in order to
preserve the proper context for those replies and adjustments.

Ron's project was last rebased just before Gerard's awesome cmd
line option validation work. We also knew that Jeremy's env var
changes were coming and that we likely had conflicts there. Lots
of dust is flying in the cmd line options arena lately!


On 7/19/15 7:56 PM, David Holmes wrote:
> As per Coleen's earlier email this needs re-sync'ing with:
> David
> On 18/07/2015 9:02 AM, Ron Durbin wrote:
>> Here is the round 1 webrev for 8061999. It incorporates changes made
>> due to comments from the round 0 reviewers. The easiest way to review
>> this round is to download the two patch files:
>> and look at them in your favorite file merge tool.
>> RFE request:
>> This RFE allows a file to be specified that holds VM Options that
>> would otherwise be specified on the command line or in an environment 
>> variable.
>> Only one options file may be specified on the command line and no 
>> options file
>> may be specified in either of the following environment variables
>> The options file feature supports all VM options currently supported on
>> the command line, except the options file option. The option to 
>> specify an
>> options file is "-XX:VMOptionsFile=<Filename>".
>> The options file feature supports an options file up to 1024 bytes in 
>> size
>> and up to 64 options.
>> This feature has been tested on:
>>    OS:
>>      Solaris, MAC, Windows, Linux
>>    Tests:
>>      Manual unit tests
>>      JPRT with -testset hotspot (including the SQE proposed test 
>> coverage for this feature.)

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