RFR(S): 8074354: tests that intentionally crash the VM can timeout creating a core file

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at oracle.com
Thu Mar 12 19:29:04 UTC 2015


There are some error handler tests. You should find those and make
sure that you run them on Windows since you're changing the order


On 3/12/15 12:42 PM, Yumin Qi wrote:
> Hi, Thomas and all
>    The second version of the change:
>    webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~minqi/8074354/webrev02/
>    In this version:
>    1) switch order on Windows to first print log file as other 
> platform, then dump core file if needed. When VMError created after 
> crash, siginfo and context which are ExceptionRecord and ContextRecord 
> on Windows are recorded, mini (or full, due to 'or' used so type will 
> be mini anyway) dump creates dump file based on those two as before.
>    2) to make os::abort to get above two pointers, added two more 
> fields to the function parameters:
>    3)  changes for test/runtime/ErrorHandling/SecondaryError.java --- 
> added "-XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash"
>     -  static void abort(bool dump_core = true);
>    +  static void abort(bool dump_core = true, void *siginfo = NULL, 
> void *context = NULL);
>    Tests: JPRT and manually.
> Thanks
> Yumin
> On 3/11/2015 3:47 AM, Thomas Stüfe wrote:
>> Hi Yumin,
>> There is also test/runtime/ErrorHandling/SecondaryErrorTest.java - 
>> could you please add "-XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash" ? Thank you!
>> Beyond that, as I wrote in the bug report comments:
>> "This is also a problem on Windows - MiniDumpWriteDump() may hang 
>> infinitly. And on Windows this is worse than under UNIX because we 
>> create the Dump before writing the hs-err file, so if the Dump hangs, 
>> we get no error log. I would like to revert the order: create the 
>> minidump after writing the error log, the same way Unix does it. We 
>> did this in our JVM (SAP) because for us, error logs are more useful 
>> than minidumps. "
>> So, I would like to see os::abort on Windows call 
>> MiniDumpWriteDump(), and thus the mini dump writing moved after the 
>> error log writing. This would also make the code way cleaner because 
>> the control flow would be the same on all platforms.
>> I understand that this may be out of scope for your change, but I 
>> would like to know what others think about this.
>> Kind regards, Thomas
>> On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 8:02 AM, Yumin Qi <yumin.qi at oracle.com 
>> <mailto:yumin.qi at oracle.com>> wrote:
>>     Please review:
>>     bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8074354
>>     webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~minqi/8074354/webrev01/
>> <http://cr.openjdk.java.net/%7Eminqi/8074354/webrev01/>
>>     Summary: Tests timed out when VM crashes and dumping core file
>>     which in the test case is not needed. To make core not created,
>>     the fix changed CreateMinidumpOnCrash to CreateCoredumpOnCrash,
>>     the former is only used on Windows and the latter for all
>>     platforms. When VM crashes on non Windows, core file generated as
>>     default if OS sets core dump allowed. Default value of
>>     CreateCoredumpOnCrash set to 'true' to keep same behavior on non
>>     Windows platforms, but changed for Windows --- original is false,
>>     not create minidump on Windows. With CreateCoredumpOnCrash turned
>>     off, no core file will be generated. CreateMinidumpOnCrash still
>>     can be used on commandline but only as alias for the new flag.
>>     Tests: JPRT, manual tests setting CreateMinidumpOnCrash on
>>     commandline to verify flag change as alias.
>>     Thanks
>>     Yumin

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