PING! Re: RFR(XS): JDK-8160923: sun/tools/jps/ fails due to ClassNotFoundException: jdk.testlibrary.ProcessTools

Ioi Lam ioi.lam at
Tue Aug 23 13:10:25 UTC 2016

Hi Dmitry,

Why are you adding /test/lib:

- * @library /lib/testlibrary
+ * @library /lib/testlibrary /test/lib

The only class used by jdk/test/sun/tools/jps/*.java in /test/lib is here: jdk.test.lib.apps.LingeredApp;

But is not use by this test -- I ran the test with 
your patch in a clean jtreg directory and the test passed, but I don't 
see TestJpsSanity.class, or any jdk.test.lib.* class.

So I don't think you need to add /test/lib.

- Ioi

On 8/23/16 5:34 AM, Dmitry Samersoff wrote:
> On 2016-08-17 10:51, Dmitry Samersoff wrote:
>> Everybody,
>> Please review the changes:
>> -Dmitry

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