RFR(XS): 8169734: Update uses of string "java.base" to macro

serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com
Thu Dec 1 22:43:29 UTC 2016

Hi Rachel,

It looks good in general.
However, there are more instances of java.base that may need an update.


  775              "Incorrect boot loader search path, no java runtime image or java.base exploded build");

1826       vm_exit_during_initialization("Unable to create ModuleEntry for java.base");


  180                 "Bad package name for module: java.base");

  185                 err_msg("Invalid package name: %s for module: java.base", package_name));

  191                 err_msg("Duplicate package name: %s for module java.base",

  209   assert(ModuleEntryTable::javabase_moduleEntry() != NULL, "No ModuleEntry for java.base");

  230           assert(pkg != NULL, "Unable to create a java.base package entry");

  244               "Module java.base is already defined");

  253   log_debug(modules)("define_javabase_module(): Definition of module: java.base,"

  261     log_trace(modules)("define_javabase_module(): creation of package %s for module java.base",

  716   assert(ModuleEntryTable::javabase_defined(), "Attempt to call get_module before java.base is defined");

  762          "Attempt to call get_module_from_pkg before java.base is defined");

  799          "Attempt to call get_named_module before java.base is defined");


3432       vm_exit_during_initialization("Cannot specify java.base more than once to --patch-module");

Some other files have it too:

classfile/vmSymbols.hpp: template(java_base, 
"java.base")                                \
classfile/moduleEntry.cpp:    fatal("Unable to finalize module 
definition for java.base");
classfile/moduleEntry.cpp:  assert(jb_module != NULL, "java.base 
ModuleEntry not defined");
classfile/moduleEntry.cpp:    fatal("Unable to patch the module field of 
classes loaded prior to java.base's definition, invalid 
classfile/packageEntry.cpp: vm_exit_during_initialization("A 
non-java.base package was loaded prior to module system initialization", 
oops/arrayKlass.cpp:         "module entry not available post java.base 
oops/instanceKlass.cpp: assert(ModuleEntryTable::javabase_moduleEntry() 
!= NULL, "java.base module is NULL");
runtime/os.cpp:  char* base_classes = 
format_boot_path("%/modules/java.base", home, home_len, fileSep, pathSep);

So, the question is if it's worth to update the remaining instances as well.
Simple concatenation or %s replacement in some rare cases could be used 
for it.


On 12/1/16 13:20, Rachel Protacio wrote:
> Hi!
> Please review this little change, replacing errant uses of the string 
> "java.base" with the macro JAVA_BASE_NAME. Passes JPRT.
> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8169734
> Open webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rprotacio/8169734.00/
> Thanks,
> Rachel

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