Walk stack in signal handler

Roman Kovalenko rmnkvlnk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 17:28:59 UTC 2016


Looks like that I am able to get 'this' for native frame with
frame::get_native_receiver() but I cannot do anything with any other frame
How can I find out what is permitted to be used outside safepoint? Also,
what can happen to frame outside safepoint, because of what is it hard to
walk it? May be I should look in some precise source code locations?


On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Andrew Haley <aph at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 11/02/16 17:54, Roman Kovalenko wrote:
> > I would like to profile application by interrupting it with signals and
> > using AsyncGetCallTrace then. This works well, but also I want to collect
> > every 'this' for any object method frame that is walkable by AGCT. I
> looked
> > around (forte.cpp and related) but had no success.
> >
> > Is it even possible?
> It's difficult.  The compilers move values around and things are
> really only stable at safepoints.


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