latest repo not building?

David Holmes david.holmes at
Fri Jan 29 23:06:45 UTC 2016

On 30/01/2016 8:43 AM, David Holmes wrote:
> Sorry Rachel, the latest changes I pushed for sched_getaffinity do rely
> on using at least our official gcc version for building - which is
> 4.9.2. I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that there was
> already something that prevented us using the older 4.8.x version.

Sorry this is incorrect information. Internally we use devkits which 
combine a specific gcc version with a specific OS version. Our current 
devkit is using gcc 4.9.2, but the sched_getaffinity code depends on the 
OS header files to support dynamic cpu sets (man CPU_SET). I can't say 
exactly which OS versions support this but Linux distributions post 2010 
should be fine.

So older gcc may be fine, but you need the later OS.


> David
> On 30/01/2016 4:13 AM, Rachel Protacio wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just updated a blank repo and tried to build it, but got this error:
>> /scratch/rprotaci/repos/startuptime/hotspot/src/os/linux/vm/os_linux.cpp:4821:48:
>>     error: 'CPU_COUNT_S' was not declared in this scope
>>             cpu_count = CPU_COUNT_S(cpus_size, cpus_p);
>>                                                      ^
>> /scratch/rprotaci/repos/startuptime/hotspot/src/os/linux/vm/os_linux.cpp:4824:35:
>>     error: 'CPU_COUNT' was not declared in this scope
>>             cpu_count = CPU_COUNT(cpus_p);
>>                                         ^
>> /scratch/rprotaci/repos/startuptime/hotspot/src/os/linux/vm/os_linux.cpp:4835:20:
>>     error: 'CPU_FREE' was not declared in this scope
>>           CPU_FREE(cpus_p);
>>                          ^
>> It looks from the history that David edited this file today, but maybe
>> it's just my problem? Is anyone else running into this?
>> Thanks,
>> RAchel

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