RFR(S): 8165315: [ppc] Port "8133749: NMT detail stack trace cleanup"

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Mon Sep 5 07:28:54 UTC 2016


The test coming with 8133749 showed a row of problems on the ppc platforms.
This change fixed these.

Also, I moved "isSlowDebugBuild()" to Platform.java as there also is

isDebugBuild(), and we have other places where we use this.

Please review this change. I also please need a sponsor.

More details:

On power, current_frame() returns the frame of the method that
called current_frame(). This is as documented in os.hpp.

Get_native_stack() in os_posix.cpp expects current_frame() to go up
one more frame. To adapt to this expectation, we increment toSkip by
one on ppc, which has the same effect. (If we change current_frame(),
one less frame will be printed to hs_err files etc.)

"8153743: AllocateHeap() and ReallocateHeap() should use ALWAYSINLINE macro"
is not properly implemented on Aix. The 'inline' keyword is missing in the
macro on aix.

Also, on Aix ALWAYSINLINE has no effect in the slowdebug build. So the
check in the test whether AllocateHeap is inlined must be skipped as on
other platforms.

Best regards,

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