RFR(S) 8161225: Assert failure in JVMTI GetNamedModule at JPLISAgent.c line: 792

Chris Plummer chris.plummer at oracle.com
Wed Sep 21 05:07:18 UTC 2016


Please help review the following:


The main fix is in JPLISAgent.c, which is to no longer call 
jplis_assert_msg() when there is a PHASE error, and also remove the test 
from ProblemList.txt.

I also fixed a problem with the test. It was not checking if the 
subprocess had failed to terminate properly. The result was if the 
sub-process crashed, then the test would pass. I noticed this when I 
temporarily forced an assert when there was a PHASE error, and suddenly 
the test was always passing, yet there was an hs_err.log file.

Lastly, I made a slight improvement to the trace output when there is a 
PHASE error, so now the PHASE number is included in the trace output. So 
the trace output now looks like the following when the test triggers the 
PHASE error (this is without the fix being made to the test):

     [0.376s][trace][jvmti] [-] GetNamedModule JVMTI_ERROR_WRONG_PHASE(8)

Tested by running the test 5 times on each supported platform, and also 
ran nsk.jvmti and jck/vm/jvmti.



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