RFR(S/M): 8191789 - migrate more Thread-SMR stuff from thread.[ch]pp -> threadSMR.[ch]pp

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at oracle.com
Mon Dec 4 20:22:49 UTC 2017


In terms of actual "new/changed" code, this is a "S" review. However,
because of code motion, the changed/insert/delete counts are the size
of an "M" or "L" review.

Stefan K, this is one of your Thread-SMR follow-up suggestions so I need
to hear from you on this thread. Thanks!

I have a simple (but tedious) cleanup fix for Thread-SMR. The bug is:

     JDK-8191789 migrate more Thread-SMR stuff from thread.[ch]pp -> 

This fix is mostly code motion:

- move Thread-SMR related code from thread.cpp -> threadSMR.cpp and
   from thread.hpp -> threadSMR.hpp
   - move Threads::_smr_* fields -> ThreadsSMRSupport class
   - move Thread-SMR functions from Threads -> ThreadsSMRSupport class
   - move Thread-SMR helper classes from thread.cpp -> threadsSMR.cpp
   - rename a bunch of Threads::foo() calls -> ThreadsSMRSupport::foo()

- collateral changes:
   - DO_JAVA_THREADS macro usage by code moved to threadSMR.cpp have
     to switch to JavaThreadIterator or some other function.
   - Add ThreadsSMRSupport::inc_smr_java_thread_list_alloc_cnt().
   - Add ThreadsSMRSupport::update_smr_java_thread_list_max().
   - Cleanup "friends" for Thread class and ThreadsList class.
   - Add includes of runtime/threadSMR.hpp in a few files.

Here is the webrev URL:


This fix was (over) tested with a Mach5 tier[1-5] run. There were no
unexpected test failures.

These changes were sanity checked a couple of ways:

- Compare pre-Thread-SMR thread.[ch]pp with thread.[ch]pp after this fix
   - Make sure that remaining Thread-SMR changes in thread.cpp and
     thread.hpp make sense to leave behind.
   - Similar comparison for thread.inline.hpp.
- Compare code removed from thread.cpp with code added to threadSMR.cpp,
   compare code removed from thread.hpp with code added to threadSMR.hpp,
   compare code removed from thread.inline.hpp with code added to
   - Make sure the deltas make sense.

Thanks, in advance, for any comments, questions or suggestions.


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