RFR(S): 8173743: Failures during class definition can lead to memory leaks in metaspace

Tim Bell tim.bell at oracle.com
Mon Feb 6 19:18:30 UTC 2017


> I've already committed this to the hs-demo-submit/hotspot/ forest and
> it went through without a problem. So in theory it should have passed
> the internal JPRT tests although I'm not sure if the test set of the
> "demo-submit" forest and the real hotspot repo are exactly the same
> (CC'ed Tim and Brian).

Congratulations on your successful push via the hs-demo-submit ---> 
hs-demo source trees.

For those reviewers inside Oracle, the JPRT job is visible here:

As for the testing part - External Push jobs are submitted to the 
internal build system (JPRT) using the same flags as other hotspot push 
jobs:   "-testset hotspot".   That setting does not include the jtreg 
tests in test/runtime/Metaspace so the job did not pick up and run your 
new test.

I am in the process of submitting another job using your changes to see 
if I can also run the hotspot/test/runtime/Metaspace tests.  This is a 
good use case for the new External Push system.


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