RFR (M): 8184334: Generalizing Atomic with templates

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Mon Jul 31 18:18:51 UTC 2017

> On Jul 28, 2017, at 12:25 PM, Erik Osterlund <erik.osterlund at oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> In that case, feel free to propose a revised solution while I am gone.

Erik has asked me to try to make progress on this while he's on
vacation, rather than possibly letting it sit until he gets back.
(This is just one of a large stack of patches Erik has prepared toward
the GC access interface that he's been talking about for a while.
Providing a solid base for that work is the underlying goal for
changing atomics.)  I'm getting caught up on the discussion, and
looking at Erik's most recent proposal.  I should have something more
concrete soon, possibly just agreeing with Erik's recent ideas,
possibly some alternative.  I'm also open to suggestions…

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