RRF(XS)(10): 8176797: [TESTBUG] tools/launcher/Settings.java -Xss size is too small

Chris Plummer chris.plummer at oracle.com
Thu Mar 16 04:59:27 UTC 2017


Please review the following:


After fixing 8175342 (see the other RFR I just posted), this test 
started to fail instead of assert. The problem is 256000 is too small of 
a stack size on the platform in question. It needs to be at least 256k.

The test has a "stackSize" local variable that is the String "256". It 
runs the jvm with -Xss of this size, appending "k" to it on one run and 
"000" in the next. The -Xss256k version is fine. The -Xss256000 version 
is not. I'm not sure why the test chose to specify the stackSize as a 
String instead of an int. As part of this fix I changed it to an int, 
and just multiply it by 1024 in the case where -Xss is specified with a 
byte size rather the an k size. The test passes now on the platform 
where it was failing.



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